Friday, March 11, 2011

Playing Outside!

Today was warm enough to play outside, happy kids, happy Mama!
Zarah enjoys playing outside but before today she has never been brave enough to get of the porch.
So today was the first time she went exploring.
Ryley helps Zarah done the slide!

Maybe a little to much love!

Thinking about climbing like her brother

Proof that my children DO own shoes!

Ummmm Maybe not :)

Climbing up the slide!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


2 of Ryley's cousins come over one evening this week, we had a lot of fun! The highlight of my evening was when Timmy was chasing Ryley around the room "shooting" him, Timmy stops and say "Wow! is Ryley always this Hyper!"

Ryley and Timmy watching the world BEST movie and Ryley's new favorite move.
The Princess Bride
Katy didn't like it so much, she just played on the "computer"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Ryley

Today Ryley was a happy happy kid!
After several (several!) days of being out of yogurt and  fruit, 
we went grocery shopping last night (date night!) 
So this morning he wanted a little bit of everything,
but I talked him out of the oatmeal, and animal crackers (also out of for several days)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines party!

Ryley and Zoe had a Valentines Party with their cousins, and I like an idiot didn't get pictures of the kids! It was our very first valentines party! We had...
Chocolate dipped pretzel rods


Mini Cupcakes

and everyone brought something to add to a trail mix, everyone went home with a bag.

This is our little Family!!

Andy, Amy, Ryley (2 1/5) and Zarah (Zoe) (11 mo)

Andy - Works with his brothers at MachMotion (, he likes to hunt, make things go BOOM!!!, and scare the living day lights out of his little wife (Me)
Andy is the 6th born of 9 kids

Thomas and Helen E. (Andy's Parents)

  • Grace married to Ben S.


  • Thomas married to Rachel

  • Danny married to Linda

  • David married to Becca
  • Joel married to Ashley
  • Andy married to Amy

  • Carl
  • Susanne
  • Ben

Amy - I am a stay at home Mama, I enjoy Sewing, Crafting, working on my computer, and taking care of my little family.
I am the 2nd born of 8 children

Matt and Christina M. (My Parents)

  • Elizabeth
  • Amy married to Andy E.

  • Debra married to Mark W.
"To Be Announced in May"

  • Laura
  • Katherine
  • Hannah
  • Reuben
  • Abby
Now you have meet our little family!!!